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What is the Fat Loss Equation?


“Eat well, move well, live well.”

This motto is our answer to the long held belief that the surest way to lose fat is to “eat less, workout more”.  Though this approach may work at first, it is oversimple and most of us reach it’s limitations pretty quickly.  We believe our model is more sustainable

The Right Diet + The Right Exercise + The Right State of Mind = Ideal Health

The Fat Loss Equation is about being healthy, happy and confident. It’s about helping you become the fit and capable person we know you are.  It’s about embracing lifestyle changes that lead to a healthy self image through nutrition and exercise.  It is not about being “skinny” or making temporary changes to exercise and diet to achieve an arbitrary standard of beauty.

To accomplish this, we focus on three factors that function together to create and maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.


We help you learn which foods are right for your unique body, and aid you in developing a more beneficial relationship with food so that you can live life to the fullest.


We’ll challenge you to stay active and push your body beyond anything you thought it could do! Not only will this help you shed the pounds, but it will strengthen your heart, muscles and bones, supercharge the results of your healthy diet, and even improve your mood!


The most underrated tool in the kit! A positive, pragmatic attitude goes a long way toward getting fit. We strive to identify barriers, confront fears and discover the most effective path, so that you can remain focused, consistent and open to new experiences.

Weight loss is an individual process that requires an individual approach. There are many proven methods that can help you lose fat; if you know how to use them properly.  Our goal is to offer resources and variations so you can learn how to combine those methods with your  unique  lifestyle; creating your  Fat Loss Equation.


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