The Fat Loss Equation is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

So often, when people want to lose weight, they think “I need to start exercising.”  And they’re right, exercise is a key component of an effective fat loss equation.  But the fact is, nutrition is just as important as exercise.  You can exercise for hours a day, but without the proper nutrition you will just end up tired, weak and maybe even fatter than you were when you started.  

Proper nutrition is not about being on a diet. In fact, a diet is nothing more than what you chose to eat, whether it’s healthy or not. Diet and nutrition is simply nourishment you give your body to fuel your activities. Eating is dieting. Unfortunately, there are many different fad diet programs out there creating confusion and a misunderstanding about what the term “diet” actually means. Fad diets tend to fail because they offer an unsustainable “one size fits all” approach to dieting, instead of addressing all the unique needs of each individual. The proponents of these fads showcase only their rare success stories, ignoring the countless failures. People then focus on extreme measures in hopes of a quick fix, and never develop the healthy habits that make it easier to eat well long term.

It’s human nature to want things immediately, but the fact of the matter is, changing your dietary habits does not happen overnight. Eating well does not mean eating less or eating specific foods that “burn fat”, it means making the best choices to fuel your body and help you reach your goal.  When it comes to nutrition, it’s about figuring out the right approach for you. There isn’t just one way to lose weight, so it is important to take control of your own journey and learn what works for you.  In order to take control, you need to learn what “good nutrition” means for your body.   As you discover more information about the best diet for you to lose fat, get stronger and improve your health, you will be capable of understanding what is working, why it is working for you and how to make adjustments to maintain your success. This can be achieved by following scientifically supported approaches that you can read here as we help you find your Fat loss equation.


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